Educational Signage

In this day and age there is a lot of information out there, but some people still don't know the extent of the signpollution in  our environment. Educational signage can be a great way to pass on knowledge, especially in areas where there is a lack of information.

The language, style and size of an interpretive sign is important to consider, it needs to be easily understood, engaging and informative.

Mapoon Educational Sign

Mapoon signSpreading awareness is an essential part in the battle against marine debris. Earlier in 2015 one of the hot spots in Cape York, Chilli Beach on the east coast, had a sign put up to inform tourists and locals about the topic. Now, the Mapoon Back Beach on the west side of the peninsula received its own signage, placed at two strategic camp sites.

In cooperation with the Mapoon Aboriginal Council and the Mapoon Land and Sea Rangers, Tangaroa Blue Foundation uses the sign to explain how much debris is removed from this beach every year, how much effort is put into the removal and how visitors can do their part to help: Dispose of your rubbish at the nearest tip and what can be recycled at the ranger station. And if you want to do more and contribute to the Australian Marine Debris Database grab a bag from the rangers to collect some extra rubbish and good karma.

Chilli Beach Interpretive Sign

ChilliThe Tangaroa Blue Foundation identified Chilli Beach in Far North Queensland as a marine debris hotspot, with approximately 5 tonnes being removed every year. Part of a source reduction plan was to install a marine debris information sign at the beach explaining that the site is a hotspot and impacted by marine debris washing in from both international and domestic sources, but very little from the local area. Rangers are also equipped with clean-up bags enabling people to carry out beach clean-ups during their stay. Participants are asked to inform the rangers of the weight collected and to return the bags; they can also input their data directly into the Tangaroa Blue Foundation's online database.