Great Northern Clean-up at Alva

201710 AlvaTangaroa Blue Foundation was joined by Burdekin Shire Council, Scouts, and volunteers from Townsville and the local region for a biannual rubbish clean-up at Alva Beach. The community clean-up event was supported by NQ Dry Tropics through funding from the Austrailan Government's National Landcare Program, and aligned with ReefBlitz and the Great Northern Clean Up to push the message that the oceans are worth protecting. On October 14th 2017, thirteen beach cleaners picked up 186kg of predominantly land-based litter from 2km of coastline.

Leaving the shorelines cleaner and safer for the use of humans and the survival of marine wildlife, the team turned their focus to cataloguing each and every item they removed from the beach, contributing to the Australian Marine Debris Database. It’s important to know that data collection is just as imperative as cleaning up because if all we do is clean-up, that’s all we’ll ever do. The data is evidence to create change, it’ll ensure the long-term health and safety of marine ecosystems through ‘source reduction plans’ that aim to stop litter at its source before it enters the environment.


Another 1.7 tonnes off Cape York Beaches

2017 5BL1A massive 1.7 tonnes of marine debris, equal to the weight of a small car, was picked up and sorted by 15 Tangaroa Blue volunteers and Apudthama Rangers recently during a Cape York beach clean-up event. 74 000 items of debris were collected by the team who travelled to the 5 Beaches Loop located at the tip of Cape York. The debris was removed and sorted over 5 days from just over 5 kilometres of beach. The total is a 30% increase from last year.


Chilli Beach Poem - Ode to Tangaroa Blue

Sue Hayes CB1Marine debris is all you can see littered along the beach of windy Chilli 
Anthropogenic detritus of micro plastic bits 
a modern day archaeology of human s**t 
Thai water bottles and fishing boat bleach 
now algaed and brittle washed upon the beach

You may feel disheartened with no hope in sight
kilometres of plastic fragments and a lone whistling kite
But with Clean Coast Collective and Tangaroa Blue
Lockhart kids and Rangers, we know what to do.

Armed with gloves and bags and plenty of sunscreen
though back breaking work, we handpicked the beach clean.
We documented the debris with meticulous rigour
with Heidi at the helm and her cyber track figures

We were constantly yelling random figures in the air
plastic bits, screaming s**ts, data pen beware.
The volunteers had travelled from near and far
to assist in this clean up aided by cars

Mat has his shovel and hacksaw in hand
pulling reams of ghost nets knotted under the sands
Whilst Gandalfian Jeff may look quite demure
he's secretly hunting Sue's illusive marlin lure



Record Breaking and Back Breaking Chilli Beach Clean-up!

20170817 Chilli Beach 1Tangaroa Blue Foundation breaks its own record for the largest amount of marine debris removed during a single beach clean-up event.

Over 5 days, 40 people cleared a massive 7 tonnes of marine debris from 6.7km of coastline on Chilli Beach, Kutini-Payamu National Park in Cape York.

Tangaroa Blue Foundation CEO Heidi Taylor states "It’s a testament to what can be achieved by a dedicated team with a united effort to keep our oceans clean. Not only did the volunteer team remove marine debris from the beach, but they recorded data on everything that was collected which is vital to provide evidence that informs policy making and strategies which tackle marine debris at the source."


Waste & marine debris in remote northern Australian communities

NESPMany Cape York Peninsula (CYP) communities are growing in size, receiving increasing numbers of visitors, and dealing with increasing marine debris washing up on their beaches. A Northern Hub project investigated municipal waste and marine debris management issues in three communities. Tangaroa Blue along with Cape York AMDI partners were able to contribute data and information to assist in this research project. 

See the Publications Tab at: http://www.nespnorthern.edu.au/projects/nesp/waste-and-marine-debris-in-remote-northern-australian-communities/

Final Report - http://www.nespnorthern.edu.au/wp-content/uploads/2017/07/Waste-marine-debris-final-report.pdf

Factsheet - http://www.nespnorthern.edu.au/wp-content/uploads/2017/06/Waste-marine-debris-wrap-up-factsheet.pdf