Foxton Waterways Clean Up

Foxton Clean upMossman Elders Justice Group and Douglas Shire Council, in conjunction with Tangaroa Blue's Australian Marine Debris Initiative, held the first Mossman waterways clean-up at Foxton Park on 10 December. Representatives from the Elder's Justice Group and Council were joined by Police Liaison Officers and community members to clean up litter from the park and waterway before wet season rains wash it into the ocean.


International Team Work Cleans Local Beach

Ellis BeachOn the 19th of October, Tangaroa Blue teamed up with members from Conservation Volunteers Australia and a group of 40 Japanese business men and women, to clean up the coast near Ellis Beach. The day started off a little wet and windy, but this didn't dampen the spirits of the volunteers, and the weather rewarded them with a lovely sunny morning once the clean up got up and running.


A small group who has made a big difference!

2014 MapoonEight intrepid people traveled up north to clean the remote west side beach of Mapoon in Cape York for the 2014 Mapoon Clean-up. It was a three-day journey up to see sights, five hard working days for the clean-up, and another three-day journey back to Cairns. Tangaroa Blue with Conservation Volunteers Australia and support from the Mapoon Land and Sea Rangers smashed out cleaning 7.5km of beach and getting a whopping 3 tonnes of marine debris.

From morning to sundown they persevered to pick up, sort, and catalog debris. Their efforts redirected seven large silo bags of plastics and 41 rubbish size bags of glass and metal for recycling. They even processed thousands of clear plastic bottles so they can be made into new Bionic Yarn that will be made into denim.


Tackling Cape Bedford

201408 Cape BedfordAsk any seafaring local living in Far North QLD, and they will tell you that if anything goes missing in the ocean near Cairns, you will probably find it eventually washed up on the south-east facing beach of Cape Bedford.

To see the truth in this all you need to do is walk down onto the Cape Bedford beach and look in any direction, and you will see the vast amounts of marine debris that has washed up over the years, and is still washing up on a daily basis.

From the 11th to the 14th of August 2014, Tangaroa Blue Foundation, in collaboration with the Hopevale Congress Rangers and Conservation Volunteers Australia, made an effort to tackle the ever-increasing problem of rubbish in this marine debris hot spot.


We Are Making a Difference! Annual Woody Island Clean Up

201408 Woody2There is nothing more rewarding than knowing the efforts of Tangaroa Blue, along with volunteers and contributors, are indeed making a positive impact by removing debris from the marine cycle. The data is in and shows a significant reduction! In 2012 we removed 637kg, in 2013 we removed 210kg and on 16th August 2014 our volunteers collected a mere 140.8kg during the Annual Woody Island Clean Up!

We were blessed with gorgeous weather while volunteers searched Woody Island's shore and mangrove edges for marine debris. Plastic bottles, Styrofoam, treated wood, old buoys, glass, thongs, plastic bottle caps, and even a TV was hauled off the island to be disposed of properly. Like all Tangaroa Blue clean ups, debris was processed and recorded for data to assist with creating solutions to stop debris from ever reaching the ocean!