Townsville Set for Series of Clean Ups!

20140302 TownsvilleTownsville has been busy this year organising beach clean ups! Thanks to the devolved grant 'Engaging and Strengthening Communities' we received at the beginning of the year from NQ Dry Tropics, we have been able to partner with Conservation Volunteers Australia and NQ Dry Tropics to do two beach clean ups in Townsville, as well as organise a beach clean-up in Ayr at Alva Beach!


Monsoon First Flush of Drains & Creeks

20141220 MossmanIt's really hot up here in the tropics and we are all heading down to our nearest creek and swimming hole to cool off - we are also on the verge of our monsoon wet season starting. So if you are heading out for a swim, please make sure you take all your litter home with you - as soon as the rains start it will take all the rubbish that people have just left at these beautiful cool oasis straight to the ocean and into the Great Barrier Reef.

A huge thanks to Tangaroa Blue volunteer Suz Garrett, who spent her Saturday morning collecting 751 pieces of litter from South Mossman Creek - stopping all this junk from ending up in our ocean as soon as the rains start and all stormwater drains, creeks and rivers get their first flush of the season! The included 22 plastic drink bottles, 15 plastic shopping bags, 94 plastic food packages, 52 sanitary items (toilet paper and nappies), 28 beer bottles, 101 aluminium cans and 67 cardboard food packs.

Foxton Waterways Clean Up

Foxton Clean upMossman Elders Justice Group and Douglas Shire Council, in conjunction with Tangaroa Blue's Australian Marine Debris Initiative, held the first Mossman waterways clean-up at Foxton Park on 10 December. Representatives from the Elder's Justice Group and Council were joined by Police Liaison Officers and community members to clean up litter from the park and waterway before wet season rains wash it into the ocean.


International Team Work Cleans Local Beach

Ellis BeachOn the 19th of October, Tangaroa Blue teamed up with members from Conservation Volunteers Australia and a group of 40 Japanese business men and women, to clean up the coast near Ellis Beach. The day started off a little wet and windy, but this didn't dampen the spirits of the volunteers, and the weather rewarded them with a lovely sunny morning once the clean up got up and running.


A small group who has made a big difference!

2014 MapoonEight intrepid people traveled up north to clean the remote west side beach of Mapoon in Cape York for the 2014 Mapoon Clean-up. It was a three-day journey up to see sights, five hard working days for the clean-up, and another three-day journey back to Cairns. Tangaroa Blue with Conservation Volunteers Australia and support from the Mapoon Land and Sea Rangers smashed out cleaning 7.5km of beach and getting a whopping 3 tonnes of marine debris.

From morning to sundown they persevered to pick up, sort, and catalog debris. Their efforts redirected seven large silo bags of plastics and 41 rubbish size bags of glass and metal for recycling. They even processed thousands of clear plastic bottles so they can be made into new Bionic Yarn that will be made into denim.